Growth Hacking - It's much more about growth but hacking!

What is "Growth hacking"?

Wiki says Growth Hacking is a marketing technique developed by technology startups which uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure.

From my opinion, it's just all about marketing. By using all the tech skills you have to gain your market sharing.

In many industry, there are many kinds of skill of marketing, to sell goods to customer. All the skills are analyzed from customer behaviors, improved by customer feedback, and else. And we gain our marketing share by all these information.

But can we do the exact same way when we communicate with our customers by internet? How can we gathering our customer behaviors even we don't really have interactions with our guests?

3 days ago, I went to a course talking about growth hacking, held by xdite. It is a brilliant course for one who is willing to share her knowledge and experience.

Intro to Growth Hack 講座

In the course, she use a easy-understanding way for everyone to know how we do marketing within a website, by mapping the examples to the traditional ways we had experience in our daily life.

In business, everything should be around customers. Because you won't buying things you don't feel like to.

What do they think about?
What will they prefer to see or to act?
And the most important thing - What do they want?

And after the course, you'll find out one thing. "Growth Hacking" is just all about marketing.

I recommend everyone for this course, especially for people who are doing internet marketing or going to establish any startup through internet. You'll get more than you ever expect.



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